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‘Legionnaires' disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems’ - HSE Approved Code of Practice and guidance L8 (Fourth edition) 2013 states that all duty holders, including employers, those in control of premises and those with health and safety responsibility for others should comply with their legal duties in relation to legionella.

Pure Drop Water Systems Management are a Dorset based water hygiene company, providing services across southern England, the services we provide include, Legionella risk assessments, system monitoring and inspection, cleaning and disinfection and water sampling. At Pure Drop we pride ourselves on ensuring all legionella control and water hygiene services are completed to the highest standards.

Pure Drop provide a helpful, pragmatic approach and we appreciate that the requirements of the HSE ACOP L8 regulations can be daunting to some businesses. Therefore we are always available to assist commercial property owners and businesses to ensure they meet the strict control criteria of the regulations and guidance documents.

We understand that our client’s time is valuable and as such our expert technical engineers and legionella risk assessors always look to minimise business disruption and will work with you to find ways to overcome any areas of concern. 

Pure Drop is an independent water treatment company with a reputation for excellent workmanship and service. Being a small business we can be flexible in our approach and can advise on numerous ways to overcome issues with our client’s water systems. This ranges from fully managed water system monitoring, control and hygiene to guidance for in house teams so that many of the on-going responsibilities can be handled internally.

By enabling us to take responsibility of your water system we will carefully select the correct water treatment package for you, which will be designed and implemented specifically around your water systems’requirements.

Who USES Pure Drop?

Hotels, Guest Houses, B&B's

Legionella assessment and control for hoteliers, hostels and B&B's is a vital part of the HSE's  regulations. Legionnaires disease was first discovered by a number of ex service men who were all staying in the same hotel and ultimately several of them contracted the disease from the hotel's water supply.

Legionnaires disease can be deadly and therefore all commercial property owners, including hoteliers and landlords have a responsibility to their staff and customers to protect them from it. At Pure Drop we have many years of experience of working with commercial water systems and can offer a wide variety of water treatment services to businesses.

Nursing Homes, Dentists, GP Surgeries

It is often the most vulnerable in society who are at the greatest risk from disease and illnesses and legionnaires disease is especially harmful to the elderly or sick.

Pure Drop provides legionella management services to nursing homes, dentists and GP Surgeries. We take time to carefully inspect the water systems and will produce a tailored maintenance routine to ensure that the systems remain legionella free.

Leisure Centres & Gyms

Due to the large turnover of clientele within leisure centres there are many key areas which need to comply with ACOP L8, such as washing and showering facilities, spas and swimming pools.

Pure Drop tailors water hygiene services to your needs, helping to ensure that all your water systems comply.

Pure Drop work in a discreet manor and offer our services outside of opening hours where possible, to keep disruption to your business to a minimum.

Schools & Nurseries

Everyone wants to ensure that their children are safe when they are in someone else's care. At Pure Drop we have extensive experience of working with schools and nurseries providing them with water treatment and legionella control services.

Contact us today to speak about legionella risk assessments for both nursing homes and nurseries

Housing Landlords

All commercial property owners are responsible for ensuring that their water systems are safe and legionella free.

At Pure Drop we work proactively with landlords so that they have the peace of mind that tenants in their properties are protected.

Cafés, Restaurants, Bars

With such a large turnover of regular visitors restaurants, bars and cafes with legionella presence in their systems can quickly affect a large number of people. 

Pure Drop are professional and discrete and can provide legionella control services to customers without it effecting the day to day running of their business or reputation.

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