Cleaning and Disinfection

If sampling shows the presence of the legionella bacterium or any of the following criteria are true, then cleaning and disinfection should be considered, and in certain instances completed before the water systems are used.

Why you may need cleaning and disinfection?

Below is a list of criteria where cleaning and disinfection is required:

·         Positive result from lab analysis following sampling

·         In new installations (except private dwellings)

·         Where major extensions or alterations have been completed

·         Where underground pipework has been installed

·         Where it is suspected that contamination has occurred

·         Where a system has not been in regular use and not regularly flushed

In many instances cleaning and disinfection is a vital procedure which needs to be implemented to ensure water systems are safe, fit for purpose and comply with the current regulations and guidance documents.

Pure Drop provides our clients with peace of mind that cleaning and disinfection is completed to the highest of standards, and at a minimum meets the strict control criteria of HSG 274 and PD 855468.

Whilst completing the disinfection process Pure Drop’s chemical of choice is sodium hypochlorite, however other chemicals such as silver hydrogen peroxide are also considered if they are deemed to be more appropriate to disinfect the system in question.

Our main objective is the welfare of the personnel who use and come into contact with your water systems, therefore we ensure your water systems are correctly chlorinated and are put back in use safely and as soon as is practically possible.

All of our water hygiene engineers are fully qualified in all areas of work we provide. Pure Drop also has vast experience within the plumbing and heating industry, therefore we fully understand the complexities of large commercial heating systems, as well as domestic systems. We feel that having knowledge and experience in these areas is of paramount importance, and helps us to provide our clients with a service of the highest standard.

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