System Control & Monitoring

A legionella risk assessment should form part of a rolling programme of legionella monitoring and management exercises. Pure Drop can perform the required steps for commercial properties and businesses, or give guidance to trained in-house staff so it can be managed internally.

Microbiological Sampling

During a legionella risk assessment, or at any time during system monitoring, or disinfection it may be necessary to perform microbiological sampling in accordance with BS 7592.

Typically, this is due to poor system hygiene and maintenance, the risk assessment deems it necessary or the monitoring program of the hot and cold water systems are in doubt. Upon identifying that there is a risk of the presence of legionella, Pure Drop will take samples from areas of the system where problems are identified and will deliver those samples to a UKAS accredited Lab for analysis. On receiving the results from the Lab Pure Drop advises clients of the required actions which may need implementing and helps to ensure that water systems are brought within control parameters.

Water Systems Monitoring Programme

The purpose of a legionella monitoring and inspection programme is to ensure that the correct control measures are introduced and implemented to the water system. The duty holder is responsible for ensuring the monitoring scheme is adhered to and all control measures are correctly completed with accurate logs recorded. Pure Drop provide our clients with a monitoring and inspection programme which has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of their water systems, and complete all control measures on their behalf. Alternatively clients may wish to complete certain areas of system monitoring in – house, Pure Drop can provide clients with guidance so these areas can be managed internally.

By allowing Pure Drop to take responsibility of your monitoring and inspection programme, our clients can be assured that their water systems will meet the strict control criteria of ACOP L8, HSG 274 and BS 8554. 

Guidance for in house staff

Pure Drop can help clients assess the competence of their in - house staff, and also provide guidance and advice to ensure they are competent to complete any areas of system monitoring of which they are responsible. Whilst the guidance provided by Pure Drop isn’t formal training, it may help equip the responsible person/s with the appropriate knowledge and skills to manage their responsibilities within the monitoring and inspection programme. Where appropriate Pure Drop will also recommend to clients that formal training is completed by in–house staff if required.

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